Un romanticissimo cottage inglese


Buon pomeriggio…

Delicato il cottage di Leanne dove vecchi mobili grazie ad una sapiente patinatura hanno preso nuova vita, le tappezzerie, le tonalità pastello gli danno un aspetto decisamente romantico…

Adorabile la casetta del giardino…


Tagged by the gorgeous Lou Lou @thevintageroom to share #widn ~ I thought I'd add a few sparkles  ~ it's been a while! ~ I tag @baledo @julieanncompeta @velisa70 if you have time and would like to play along X





Afternoon lovelies, have stripped back my dining room and gone for a more austere look still managed to squeeze in a shutter or two here and there though! Got this beauty from Louth Antique's centre just off Newmarket St yesterday, wish you a wonderful weekend xx



I think they love each other really ~ sometimes I feel guilty for getting another cat but I didn't want Bella to be lonely ~ but they always snuggle up and sleep soundly together



Lights on already here, have been working on the top half of this Chiffonier today, can't wait to get the mirrors in place.  Hope you all get to do something nice today



Look who I found nibbling my tulips earlier wish you all a Good Friday ~ wherever you are



Thank you so much for all the love, likes and comments on my dressing table  empty laundry basket and washing up to date, Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and an early night for me ~ have a lovely evening everyone xx



Morning lovelies, just about to put these beauties into water lots to do today and it looks like the weather is on our side



Sorry I've been off the radar for a couple of weeks, but I'm never one to miss a tag  especially from the gorgeous @blondies78 to share #widn ~ I'm deciding on paint colours for our spare bedroom ~ other half has done a sterling job on the prep and looking forward to sharing with you  I tag @stephatthecottage and @tillyandtwig  if you have time lovelies xx



What a beautiful day it's been  just got the tea on, what are you up to @simplyhouseandhome and @siren_9 if you lovelies have time and would like to play along ~ make the most of this weather Igers, it's meant to break up tomorrow




Still lots of decorating, skirting and architrave to do but couldn't resist putting a few more pretties out tonight ~ floor tiles ordered today ~ thank you  @christineflynn29 for my ivy it's beautiful ~ Have a lovely weekend everyone xx



Making the most of this last Saturday night of Christmas ~ left over cottage pie and a glass of rosé for dinner thanks for all the likes and hope you all get to do something nice this weekend X



Wish you all a sunny Sunday ~ just the ironing to do and then that chair has got my name on it



Asked by the lovely @siren_9 to share #widn ~ these are the last of my roses in an old French flour canister ~ everything looks much prettier written in French what are you up to @abunchofwild if you have time and would like to play along?



When you get in from work and the fur babies are waiting for you  have a lovely evening dear Instas



Another day nearly gone ~ can't quite believe it's December tomorrow ~ wish you all a lovely evening



Tagged by the very lovely Tracy @flowerpotcottage (you really should check out her account ~ I'm in love with her kitchen) to show #widn ~ I've just had a quick tidy and a faff in the office ~ would you lovelies like to play along if you have time (no pressure x). @pixiecottage  @rebecca_bunting  @lisbethsindag



Morning lovelies ~ Friday the other half says he has gone off the pink walls


The last light of the day, shining through our bedroom window earlier.  Can't believe how quickly the first week of January has gone, wish you all a lovely weekend



Morning lovelies ~ still catching up with comments this morning on previous pics as for some reason I can't comment weather is looking favourable so hoping I get to wear my new shoes! Have a lovely day x


Little corner of my dressing room ~ lots of cleaning, faffing, ironing and painting done today so feeling quite content ☺️nice relaxing bath  and a Chinese for me tonight



Tagged by two lovelies @mayfield_blossom  and @blondies78 to share #widn  just putting the finishing touches to the downstairs loo, it's only took us two years  I bought these lovely cute hand towels from H&M Home ~ they have some beautiful things in and really good prices too!   I tag @vintage_house01 and @simplychicthanet if you have time and would like to play along X



Tagged by the lovely Helen @siren_9 to share #widn, just finished a huge pile of ironing so hoping for a little run out when other half gets in from his bike  ride xx what are you up @tamsynmorgans if you would like to play along xx Hope everyone is ok in Instaland



Thank you to my gorgeous sis @rebecca_bunting for the #widn ~ just finished tea, a little bit of ironing and now shower,bed and book ~ The Little Paris Book Shop ~ quite apt as now a big part of my job is visiting book shops ~ I tag all the shabby lovelies ~ @shabby_whites @mister_shabby and @denadanielle_designs if you have time and would like to play along xx



Thank you to @rtbenavides for featuring my she shed on the @wayfair blog ~ if you would like to have a look, here's the link :  http://www.wayfair.com/Sheds-C89567.html?expand=1#more



Tagged by the lovely @julieanncompeta to show #widn ~ I've had a nice relaxing day with the other half ~ a spot of shopping at Meadowhall (or Meadhowhell as he calls it ) and now I'm chilling after a lovely meal ~ what are you up to @thesnuggery @whimsicalwishesuk  if you have time and would like to play along X



Tagged by the very lovely @lisbethsindag who has the most beautiful home to share #widn ~ well I'm just having a little faff in my she shed ~ what are you up to lovely lady @thesolitarymagpie if you have time to play along hope you're all having a lovely chilled Sunday everyone

Potete andare a trovare Leanne sul suo profilo instagram: http://www.instagram.com/@bella_blu3


Un bacio



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  1. Hola Anna. Wuau , un hogar súper encantador, muy romántico, se ve muy acogedor. Todo fluye en armonía, textiles, color de paredes ,papel pintado. Es una tremenda gozada para la vista. Y segurísimo es un remanso de paz, se nota muy cálido y agradable. Los peluditos se ven tan lindos. La casita del jardín es una monada, me encanta. Muchos besitos querida Anna 😙😙