Un piccolo e romantico cottage nella campagna inglese

Buon pomeriggio…

Vi lascio le immagini del piccolo e romantico cottage di Nicki, nella campagna inglese…

Lizzie has taken to sleeping on the footstool in the living room these days. Strange dog! #englishcottage #englishhome #cosy #westiesofinstagram

cottage living room

Snuggling by the fire after a really lovely Easter Sunday. I am starting a new book (Nella Last's War) and I have a boozy drink. Cheers! #widn thanks for the tag gorgeous @_jo_brown xxx

 Last one of the kitchen spam! I am going upstairs to my super-messy craft room now to make a right old mess ☺️

Andrew pulled one of his 'I'm going to take you out and buy you flowers' stunts ☺️#flowers #carolinezoob #love #feelloved

 Just had a right lush declutter in the kitchen/dining room. Sorting my space and my head out! #englishhome #englishcottage #kitchen #diningroom #countryliving

 #acornerofmyhome #englishcottage #englishhome #windowseat #cosy

My 40th birthday celebrations have begun! The husband booked a lovely getaway for us at the oldest pub in England. A nice cosy dinner here tonight and then a birthday breakfast in the morning. Feeling spoilt and totally relaxed already. Off to find a little snack and a cheeky nip of something boozy in the town now. Love birthdays!

Bathtime and a super early night for me - it has been a busy weekend. Thanks so much to everyone who ordered candles this weekend, I can't wait for you all to get them as I know you will love them 💕💕 #smallbusiness #thelittlegreendoor #englishcottage #home #englishhome #bathroom #houseplantobsession

Finally about to have a shower and really ridiculously delighted with the towel pegs Andrew fitted yesterday! Love having a bathroom that is easy to prettify. I must have a very small mind because small things make me very happy! 😍Have a great Sunday; we are having a lazy one.

Really love my new checked bed linen from Ikea. Off I go with my book and tea. Night night 💕💕💕


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