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Buona sera…

Nat amante dell’antiquariato e dello stile francese, ha arredato e decorato lei stessa questa bellissima casa nel West Sussex…


My neighbours' house is heart achingly pretty (imagine a stone cottage with large windows and a wide stable gate sprawling with overhanging roses). I was going to take a picture of it to share with you all but it felt a little intrusive. So, I didn't take the pic and photographed a few of my house instead. I'll start with the front door wreath...




Lazy Sunday's . I've been encouraged to take some fuller room shots - here's a start (a very late start on account of the lazy Sunday). Xxx


I have BIG plans for this little corner of my house. I want to change the blinds to vintage, blue grain sack material and it's high time I updated the sofas too. I'm thinking bright white with some faux fur and indigo cushions. Now all I need are for my Champagne plans to match my Lemonade budget and I'll be well away.

My most favourite piece of furniture. An impulse purchase, impractical and I have to find room for it. But... I love it SO much. Purchased from @lovelanevintage Country Brocante xxx




I've been leafing through my images from last Christmas - there's something so serene about this one. In looking at it, I realised that the world was very different. I didn't like Brexit and I don't like today's news either, but I have to accept that for many, something was so broken, they saw drastic action as their only option to illicit the changes they need to see. I guess that moving forward, we should focus on what unites us, rather than divides us. The world has changed and we can only hope that fear and ignorance will subside as we live through the reality of these decisions.xx




This weekend, I decided that a complete overhaul was necessary for the bathroom, living room and hallway. Something different. I busied myself singing 'you can go your own way' whilst stripping mirrors and dyeing fabrics... only to realise, I preferred my 'old' style better. Sooooo, I'll be spending this weekend putting it all back (except the new coffee table that I purchased from @thestylistguide and @haushaslemere in a bizarre twist of fate - that's definitely staying!) Anyway - I've always got Christmas decorations to look forward too. I. Can't. Wait. xx




The spoils of my wreath making foraging this weekend. Cedar branches and some unidentified white berry blossom. Xx



A little corner of the dining room #frenchstyle #vintage #whiteinteriors #greyinteriors #vintageinteriors #vintage #frenchinteriors #frenchlinen #frenchchair #frencharmoire #armoire #lanterns #winterwarmth #woolblankets #vintageladder #frenchmirror #countryhome



Too soon? One from last year  xx . . Tap for resources.



I saw an old friend a couple of weeks ago. She was seriously motivated - full of amazing ideas for her business and getting SO much done that I couldn't help but be inspired. I've been saying for a while now I'll launch a blog. It's nearly there but being a perfectionist, I'm having some design issues. When I do launch, what kind of things would you like to see? Interiors? Travel? Lifestyle? Antiques? Where to shop? Could you let me know in the comments below? Thank you xxx



I think it's fair to say I've completed my collection of confit pots. For now... Next item on the antiques shopping list - Tian bowl. Me wanty so bad. Tap for resources.



I've sold the grey armoire and replaced it with a little cupboard from @hillandcohome I feel like I've got so much more space now. There was a weeny issue with storage but I got round that . Xxx




Happy Friday everyone! Judging by the sun this morning it's going to be a beautiful weekend. Enjoy! Xx




I've had a little change around in the dining room. X



A few days ago, we applied for an extension - we want to knock out the patio doors at the back and build a chapel style room with antique beams and a fire place. I'll be terribly disappointed if we don't get planning permission. I've been day dreaming about the furniture I'll fill it with for weeks now. We find out Oct 10th Xxx



My kitchen corner - it won't stay tidy long, about 3 weeks until it looks like that again #lazyhousekeeping



Dining room. I'm in Liverpool all of this week (AMAZING city) but I'm missing home a touch #diningroom #rusticinteriors #greyinteriors #greystyling #frenchstyle #frenchinteriors #aga #kitchen #farmhouse #countryhomes #countryhome #armoire #confitpots #cafelamps #settlebench #farmhousetable #antiques



Here's another one from the photo shoot day - it's a reflection of the kitchen in the dining room mirror. Xx



Throw back Thursday view of my kitchen window #tbt #smeg #butlersink #stonefloor #tumbledlimestone #kitchen #countrykitchen #rustickitchen #countryliving #countrystyle #countryhomes



This is the week that I finally finished the kitchen. For 3 years this wall has been bare while I've hunted for the right cupboard. Well, I finally found it and here it is all the way from France  xx



I realise there's been a lot of floral images from me on here lately... Oh, well. Here's one more for good measure. Xxx



Happy (UK) Mothers Day to all the Mammas (and Mammas, Mammas).  xxx




Here's a slightly better view of my home office (I removed the laptop and replaced it with a French sign - as you do ). I want to add in a white sofa against the other wall and some old crates as shelves above it. Xx



I often get asked where I got my stair runner from. It's from Roger Oats. However, a fellow Instagrammer @cocobardot69 had an amazing idea - use vintage grain sacks as a stair runner. Can you imagine how beautiful that would be? Clever lady xx



Sometimes I worry that this shelf will fall on my head while I'm asleep. Yet, I still continue to add stuff to it. Go figure...



I managed to tidy the house before leaving for Suffolk this weekend. Looking forward to coming home to some calm after a very big family get together last night! Xx



It seems forever ago since I did this photo shoot for @courageanddash but it was only September - so much has changed since then... Another photo shoot is needed methinks xxx Tap for resources xxx




10 years ago I worked at Whistles. I found this gorgeous beaded dress at the bottom of my wardrobe. First I winced because it's a size 8 and I'm not anymore. Then I quickly got over it when I realised how beautiful it is as a display piece (and a little motivation)




As far as Monday's go, this one has been a shocker. I decided to drive to work today (I usually go by train). I sat in traffic for 2 hours. Google maps took me to an unexpected toll bridge and I was fined £15, as I had no change. Then, I accidentally parked one space over in a hotel car park and it cost £22.50 for the day instead of £7.50. You win Monday. You win. If anyone needs me. I'll be here... Xx



My mirror from @thevintagetraderuk is finally in place! Still. So. Much. Work. To. Do. Xx



I wanted to share an image of our spare room - it's my favourite space, probably because it's always tidy! It's a really difficult angle to take, so this is as much as I can fit into the frame. I painted the drawers in Annie Sloane 'Country Grey', which I regret a touch because they were a beautiful dark oak that wouldn't have been out of place. I found them for sale in Midhurst on the side of the road. They cost a song which is probably why I was so experimental. Xx



I've got the day off and I'm spending it at home drinking some very cold Rosé on the terrace. **sigh** **bliss** xx

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  1. Magnifique intérieur...
    Merci Ana!
    Bisous de Belgique....

  2. Di questa casa mi piace tanto l'ironia, con quei tocchi personali che non ti aspetti e che divertono e sorprendono, come i remi appoggiati alla parete o il contenitore dell'albero di Natale. Grazie, ci hai scovato un gioiellino!